EZ Pinger
Network Monitoring & Management Tool
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What is EZ Pinger?

EZ Pinger is Maximum Output Software's new utility for monitoring and logging uptime and status for server, workstation, and other network and internet connected hosts.  It features several types of tests that may be performed on the monitored hosts, and supports several types of notification alerts when hosts go offline/online.

What Types of Tests Can Be Performed?

EZ Pinger can perform ICMP PINGs, connect to TCP ports to verify availability of TCP-based services (such as web, FTP, and mail servers), monitor system Services running on Windows-based computers, connect to Windows-based file shares, and download and test web page content via HTTP.  EZ Pinger also supports an open plugin architecture so if you need a specific type of test not included above it would be easy for software developers to write a plugin to add it.  For a complete list of EZ Pinger tests, see the Feature Listing.

How Can I Be Notified?

Currently EZ Pinger supports notification via email, audio and visual alerts, launching external applications when a host goes offline or comes back online, and submitting form data via HTTP.  For a complete list of EZ Pinger alerts, see the Feature Listing.

What Other Tools Are Available?

In addition to monitoring hosts for availability, EZ Pinger also has several other capabilities.  It features an extensible plugin API to allow for developers and other third parties to write their own host testing modules.  Maximum Output Software will release several plugins in the future.

The "Remote Tools" section of EZ Pinger can perform super high speed Trace Routes, Path Pings, can ping a range of IP addresses to discover what hosts are using them, and retrieve NetBIOS status information. 

The "Local Tools" provides an easy way of retrieving and displaying many different types of information regarding the configuration and status of the local computer's IP stack.

EZ Pinger also integrates with FileBack PC to allow hosts going offline/online to trigger rules to start backups or other actions.

Where Can I Get It?

Go to the Download page to download EZ Pinger.  The download version functions as both the free trial and as a registered version for customers who have purchased a license key.

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