EZ Pinger
Network Monitoring & Management Tool
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Frequently Asked Questions

EZ Pinger Features

What types of host testing does EZ Pinger provide?

What types of alerts is EZ Pinger able to issue?

What are the differences between the Basic and Deluxe editions?

Upgrade Protection

What is Upgrade Protection?

What is the policy on technical support, and how does it relate to Upgrade Protection?

What happens if I install a version of EZ Pinger released after my Upgrade Protection expires?

What happens if my Upgrade Protection expires and I need to reinstall EZ Pinger?

How will I know when my Upgrade Protection is about to expire?

How much is Upgrade Protection going to cost me?

What happens if my Upgrade Protection expires?

Using EZ Pinger

How do I add or remove hosts for testing?

Why are the fields to enter email addresses grayed out and unavailable?

What do the different color host status icons mean?

When would I relay email through maxoutput.com servers?

Is sending email through maxoutput.com secure?

I am a software developer and would like to know how to write my own plugins for performing host testing.

Web Server

How is security implemented in the built-in web server?

Does the web server support mobile devices, such as cellular phones and PDAs?

Can I customize the web interface?

Can I restrict what hosts a user sees?


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