EZ Pinger
Network Monitoring & Management Tool
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EZ Pinger Feature Listing

In addition to the free trial edition, there are two different editions of EZ Pinger available:

Basic Functionality
Ping unlimited hosts for connectivity(2 hosts)
Install To & Run From a USB flash drive  
Run in the background as a Windows service  
Multi-core CPU support (fully multi-threaded)
Different host configurations for different computers
(from the same USB flash drive)
TCP Port Connect testing 
Monitor Windows Services for status 
Monitor network file shares 
Monitor Web (HTTP) servers for page delivery and content 
Restrict host testing to specific hours of the day
View hosts as Icons, Small Icons, List, or Detailed listing
Automatic integration with FileBack PC
(Use host online/warning/offline as a Rule trigger to initiate backups)
Host Offline/Online Alerts
Send email alerts when a host goes offline
Send email alerts when a host comes online
Send email alerts through maxoutput.com
(for easier alert configuration and more reliable delivery)
Fully customizable email alert text
Restrict email alerts to specific hours of the day
Alerts customizable per-host, per-event
On-screen popup alert when a host goes offline
Audible notification of a host going offline/online
Play a custom sound when a host goes offline/online 
Launch an external application when a host goes offline/online 
Submit form data to HTTP server when host goes offline/online 
Send email alerts when web page content changes 
Send email alerts when a host IP address changes 
Simulate host failure
Host Administration Tools
Built-in web server to remotely view and control host testing  
Easy right-click access to diagnostic tools for hosts
Built-in access to remote administration tools:
Computer Management, Event Viewer, Services,
Local Users & Groups, Routing & Remote Access
Right-click access to Remote Desktop to monitored hosts 
Automatic authentication (store login information) for each host 
Remotely shutdown or restart Windows-based hosts 
Customizable right-click tools for monitored hosts 
View contents of file shares on monitored hosts 
Remote Tools
Ultra-fast Trace Route and Path Ping
Ping range of IP Addresses, resolve names of hosts
Remote NetBIOS status information
Local Tools
Local IP Stack configuration information
Local NetBIOS server configuration information & statistics
Local ARP/DNS Cache listing
Local Ethernet & Per-protocol statistics
Other network diagnostic information
Retrieve NIC manufacturer information based on MAC address
Send magic Wakeup packet to power on networked PCs
Pricing (per station or user) $39$79

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