FileBack PC 4.1
Fast & Flexible Backup Software for Microsoft Windows
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Transaction ID

The transaction ID of an order placed with Maximum Output Software will look like one of the following:

98xxxxxx 98xxxx-xx 99xxxxxx 99xxxx-xx 10xxxxxxx 10xxxxx-xx 11xxxxxxx 11xxxxx-xx RegNxxxxxxxx

The transaction ID can be found in one of four locations:

Product "About" Page

Version 4.x

Found at ( Help / About FileBack PC ):

Version 3.x

The transaction ID is the portion in [brackets] after the registered name on the "About" page of all MOS products.  If there is a number in {braces} this indicates the number of licenses purchased, and it is not part of the transaction ID.

Product Invoice or Receipt

The original transaction ID for an order with Maximum Output Software can be found on the upper right corner of invoices and receipts.

Registration Email or Order Confirmation Email

If your software  is not showing your transaction ID, you can find it in your original registration or order confirmation e-mail.

Request It

As a last resort, if you do are unable to locate your transaction ID you can request it from us.  Please provide the name and e-mail address used for your original order, as well as an approximate registration date.

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