FileBack PC 4.1
Fast & Flexible Backup Software for Microsoft Windows
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Reseller Program

Maximum Output Software allows most any company to resell FileBack PC.  In fact, no formal reseller agreement is required.  Our primary requirement is that your company be allowed to legally sell software in your area.

What we do is allow you to use the multiple quantity product discount to your advantage.  Maximum Output Software begins discounting its products with the second license purchased.  What we allow, in turn, is for you to charge up to the full price times the number of licenses to your customers.  The difference becomes your markup.

For example, the Enterprise edition of FileBack PC sells at $55 for a single license.  Two license are sold for $94.  This means the price of the second license is just $39, representing a 30% discount.  Yet you would be allowed to resell the second license for the full $55, giving you up to a $16 markup on the second license (it's up to you what you charge your customers as long as it is $55 or less).  Each additional license purchased is less expensive than the last, so the more you sell the more you make.

The quantity discount continues to apply over time as well.  Any licenses associated with your email address purchased in the last 365 days are applied toward your current discount.  So if you order one license today, then order another two weeks later, the second license will be charged at the discounted rate as if it had purchased initially.  (However, any time 30 days lapse between purchases a $5 processing fee (per order) applies, however, so for maximum savings be sure to order licenses frequently to avoid the fee.)

To resell FileBack PC or any other Maximum Output Software product, fill out our normal online order form, entering your customer's name in the "Name of Person Using FileBack PC" field, and their email address in the "Secondary e-mail address" field.  The rest of the data should be yours, making especially sure that you use the same email address in the "E-mail address" field to receive your quantity discount.

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