FileBack PC 4.1
Fast & Flexible Backup Software for Microsoft Windows
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Maximum Output Software's Policy on Information Privacy:

  1. We never make any of the information submitted to us available to anyone outside of our organization.  We do not, and will not, sell copies of our any portion of our databases to anyone, ever.
  2. The information submitted to us is immediately moved to a computer which is not accessible via the Internet. It is not stored on our web server longer than absolutely necessary.
  3. Your credit card information is submitted to us using SSL encryption.  Once we receive it we do not store it longer than the time required by our credit card processor.
  4. Credit card information is never stored in the same database as our orders or mailing list.  

Automatic Update Privacy Information

We are well-aware of the security issues plaguing the Internet now.  For this reason, when running the automatic update feature, FileBack PC does not send any information to Maximum Output Software, or any other company for that matter, other than the bare minimum required to obtain an information file from our server.  Unless the "Check for personalized announcements" option is turned on, nothing is personally identifyable.  And with that option enabled, we immediately discard the personalized information.  We DO NOT keep a database of information sent to us by FileBack PC, or share this information with anyone!

FileBack PC is not spy-ware!

License Management

FileBack PC supports a license management feature.  For information on how this works and how it relates to your privacy please see the license management information page.


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