FileBack PC 4.1
Fast & Flexible Backup Software for Microsoft Windows
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FileBack PC Main Screen, Tasks Page

The Tasks tab page of the main FileBack PC window makes the most common tasks performed by FileBack PC available in one centralized location.  From here you can create new backup jobs, start backup jobs, restore your backup data, and perform other maintenance tasks.  These tasks are divided into categories, with similar tasks grouped together on each button.

Click a section name below to view a description of the available options.

"Getting Started" Tasks ("Product Overview" button)

"New Backup Job" Tasks ("Create a New Backup Job" button)

"Perform Backup" Tasks ("Start Backup Job(s)" button)

"Restore Data" Tasks ("Restore Using a Wizard" button)

Folder Cleanup Task ("Destination Folder Cleanup Wizard" button)

"Administrator" Tasks ("Remote Administration" button)

Tip: To change the task that appears on the front of any button, click the drop-down arrow on the button and hold the SHIFT key while clicking on the option you would like to be the default.

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