Doug's Photography Class

Tentative Schedule of Classes

Specific dates and times will be announced via email.  Make sure you have signed up for the class to receive dates and times, and class location.  This list may change depending on interest, pace, and scheduling factors.

Week 1: Introduction to The Class / Camera Terminology  (October 4, 2007, [watch it])


Everyone should attend this class if at all possible.  I値l be covering all of the introductory stuff as well as how cameras work, exposure, defining the terminology I値l be using for the remainder of the classes, and maybe get started a bit into composition if there is time.  Even if you have some photography experience, it will probably be worth your time to attend this class.


Week 2: Composition: Taking the Best Looking Shots (October 11, [watch it])


Week 2 focuses on the basic rules of photo composition.  We値l talk about the rule-of-thirds, depth of field, perspective, camera positioning, and if there is time we can start to get into a few other composition-related topics.  This class is recommended for beginning and intermediate photographers.


Week 3: Making the Most of my Point & Shoot Camera (October 18, [watch it])


We値l follow up on composition from Week 2, and move into how to make the most of the familiar type of Point-and-Shoot cameras that are typically what most people buy.  While these cameras are limited in capability, there are a few things that a photographer can do to get better pictures from their point-and-shoot.  We値l talk about what all of the different mode settings on the camera mean, how to adjust the settings on the camera, and how to get the type of picture that you want.


Week 4: Color & Lighting, Lighting & Color (October 25, [watch it])


Taking great photographs requires a fundamental understanding of color.  We値l talk about how the eye and brain perceive color, the color wheel, and how to best use color to communicate with photography.

One of the biggest differences between professional and amateur photographs is control of lighting.  Where amateurs tend to allow existing lighting to control their photographs, professionals take control of existing lighting and use it to their advantage.  We値l talk about ways of controlling lighting, from diffusers to reflectors to using flashes. 


Week 5: Digitally Manipulating Photos (November 1, [watch it])


During Week 5 I値l be showing how to do some basic photo touchup techniques using Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.  We値l cover things like cropping, removing skin blemishes and distracting background elements, and fixing and enhancing color.  We start with a detailed explanation of color, and how it is perceived and modified on the computer.


Field Trips


If there is interest, I am certainly willing to host field trips this next spring/summer where we will go to various locations and practice some of the techniques we have discussed. These will be optional, and will certainly be more interactive than our classroom setting.