FileBack PC 4.1
Fast & Flexible Backup Software for Microsoft Windows
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Lost FileBack PC Registration Code Replacement

If you have misplaced your original registration code, or need an updated registration code, please fill out this form with as much information as possible.  If you have your original transaction ID your request will be processed much more quickly.

Registered Name
Transaction ID
Required if your email address has changed!
Product Version & Edition
 Original E-mail address
(to which the reg. code was originally sent)
Current E-mail address
(to which the new reg. code will be sent)
Order Date
(if unsure, please estimate.)
Reason for needing replacement

Locating your original registration and sending the registration code typically takes up to 24 hours.  If you have not heard from us by that time, please feel free to contact us.

Note: Registration codes issued to a company name can only be sent to an e-mail address at that company. Please do not use your personal e-mail address.

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